General appearance: There are 2 variation and they are

  1. shortbraid
  2. longbraid

Both variation have the same dimensions and harmonic, strong tensely, muscular body with imposing head and static locution.

Temperament: friendly, peacefully and stable temper, careful.

Proportion: ideal relation height of ridge and length of body (measuring from shoulder to sitting knot) is 5:6.

Head: generally strong and imposing.

Upper part: strong, wide watching from profile slightly rounded gradualy crosing in to strong and high developed cheeks, which toward snout gentle fall. Nape bone medium developed upper eyes arc strongly developed. Frontal starts from stups and continue as far as nape knot. Skin on forehead above eyes create wrinkle. In affect they are strongly show and root of ear with upper part of scull forms flat line.



Stand: conspicuously distinct
Nozzle: short, in length even wide. Nose plane with gentle gutter. Length of nozzle is shorter then depth of nozzle (measuring from instillation of nozzle)
Nose: wide and nook, nostril open. Nose rheum black.
Lips: edge of lips black. Upper lip strongly developed and goes over lower lip. Toward nose they make arc. Angle of lips is visible.
Jaw : strong,linear and complete,scissors jaw. Reverse scissors allowed. Defect P1 is tolerate.
Eyes : medium size,darkbrown till hazelnut brown,middle implantation with friendly expression. Potentiality closed. Edge of eyelid complete pigmented.  Seek for complete closing of eye lids. Slightly fissure with notice of retina is tolerated.
Ear: medium big.high and wide,earlobe  strong,pliancy,trigonous with rounded top. Back edge slightly onward, front edge abut on cheek.
Neck: strong, dewlap on throat and neck medium developed.
Body: generally
Overall appearance: impressive and harmonic
Upper line: ridge well conspicuous, from ridge to flank flat, croup tenderly fall, going in to root of tail.
Back: wide, strong, and tight
Chest: thorax middle deep with rounded ribs not deeper then elbow
Lower line: going back tenderly elevated
Tail: implanted wide and strong. Tail long and heavy, last tail disc reaches at least ankle-joint. When in stillness flat hanged or in second third tenderly rounded, when excited higher.
Front legs- generally: looked from front straight and parallel. Widely placed
Shoulder:  placed leaning, muscular and well lean
Upper arm: long as shoulder or little shorter. Angle between shoulder and upper arm is not overly obtuse angle.
Elbow: leaning


Forearm:  straight, strong bones, all muscle
Front till paws: watching from front straight up, from side at an angle.
Front paws: wide, closed with strong rounded fingers
Back legs- generally: back legs at an angle and muscles, watching from back parallel
Thigh: strong, muscles, and wide
Knee: well fitted, not turned inside or out
Lower leg: placed sideling, very long
Ankle-joint: gently fitted and firm
Back till paws: looked from back straight up and parallel
Back paws: wide, strong, closed with curved fingers. Sprouts are tolerate if not hinder with motion
Motion: harmonic, with good thrust from back legs. Front and back paws are in straight line
Fur: characteristic of fur:
Variation with short fur: fur thick, straight, stiff. Rich undercoating. Thigh with less hair.
 Variation with long fur: medium long, straight, rich undercoating. Thigh with mass hair, front legs with flags. Personal parts and ears with less hair, gaudy tail.
Colour: base colour white with smaller or bigger red plates (dog with plates), to all red with brown cape over back and loin (dogs with cape). Torn cape with white hairs is evenly valuable. It is allowed red and brown tigerish. Tolerated are brown yellow. Parted darker marks on head. Tolerated is black colour on body.
Marks: chest, paws, tip of tail, nozzle, and stain on back of head must be white. Is desirable to have white collar. Symmetrical dark mask.
Size: at least 70 cm male and 65 cm female. At most 90 cm male and 80 cm female. Dog witch go over measure can’t be rejected if their look is harmonically and motion is normal.
Flaw: every deviation from measure is considered as flaw, whose marks depend on degree of    deviation from measure. Major flaws are: miss on gender type, unharmonical general look, big wrinkle on head and neck, over or undersize nozzle, missing of teeth, small ears, light eyes, entropy, ectropy, loose eye lids, tail rolled over back, deflective or distorted legs, wrong motion, curly fur(hair), no pigmentation on: nose-rheum, eye lids, missing mark, aggressive, changing of temper.
Disqualification flaws: all white or all red brown dog, other colour of fur, blue eyes, different colour of eyes.
Males must have two testicles normal size and complete put down in scrotal.